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A Letter To My Husband On His Birthday

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Happy Birthday Joshua,

Boy do I love you! Today you enter your 29th year of life! We get to celebrate YOU and that makes me so happy. You never like to be in the spotlight nor do you love attention, so that's what makes this post that much more fun! What a gift it is, to exist, especially in this season.

When I sit and think about you the amount of love you've given me, it's such an overwhelming feeling. To think about who you are and who God created you to be. I have so many thoughts about you… When we met, you were the calm within my storm and you're still that

. You were surreal... just PEACEFUL. You’re more cautious than I am in many ways. I tend to extend myself for the wrong people and I’m continuously learning. I’m always working on creating better boundaries. You do things without expecting a thank you and I’m over here like “fill me up on words of afirrmation!” (Haha!)

God has been working on me since the day I met you and you’ve always, ultimately, exhibited nothing but grace for me. I thank you for that! You’re someone who’s always made me want to be better. There are so many things about you that I love and admire.  I would marry you again, 100 times over. The hardest part about being married to you, for me, is how much I have had to sober up to MYSELF. The moments I feel upset with you are the very same moments that God sticks a mirror in front of my face and I brought to the realization that you're doing what I probably would've done or at least thought about. Marriage has grown me (and Lord help me, I know it will continue to do so). It’s hard seeing the parts of yourself that you’re not proud of.

You are such an incredible father to Lena and Kaleb. It's an absolute DREAM to watch you with them and giving them the love I longed for as a child. They look at you with stars in their eyes and nothing makes me happier than to know that they can always feel secure in you and your love. 

The world needs more men like you in it. You are such a blessing in our lives and the lives of so many. I thank God every day for you, our marriage, our friendship, and the little family we are creating. So today, on your special day, I hope you know you are loved BEYOND measure...deeply, and forever!

May God continue to refine us into who He’s created us to be. Here’s to growing together, forever. I love you!

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